Nigeria is a multicultural society, although it is dominated by two of the world’s major religions. About half of the population is Muslim, with about 40 percent of Nigerians following Christianity.

some festivals are

  1. id al Maulud
  2. Argungu Fishing Festival
  3. Easter
  4. Osun Festival
  5. Eid al Fitri
  6. Eid al Kabir
  7. Calabar Carnival
  8. Christmas Day

Some places to visit in nigeria

Places to Visit in Nigeria

Zuma Rock

Cross River National Park

Yankari National Park

Kamuku National Park

Nigerian National Museum

Chad Basin National Park

Old Oyo National

ParkKainji National Park


Nigeria , officially the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a sovereign country located in West Africa, in the Gulf of Guinea, whose form of government is a presidential federal republic. Capital : Abuja

Currency: Naira Continent:

Africa Population : 173.6 million

Official Language : English

Capital of Nigeria is a Abuya

Official language