World Wide Web Bill of Rights

River Young


As users of the Web we hold the right to have Privacy, Democracy, Freedom, and no Censorship. The Web should be the place for the world to be safe and free meaning anyone and everyone can use but everyone is safe and secure.

Article I: Web Privacy

  • Section I:Every user will be notified by email when any account belonging to that person is logged into to ensure that their personal information is not being shared without their permission.
  • Section II: Every user will be notified when a picture of and/or belonging to them is used by another person or posted on any website and permission will be required.


  • Section I: The Web will have reduced government control.
  • Section II: The Web will be availible to anyone regardless of religion, believes, nation, business relations, etc. The Web is for everyone.


  • Section I: Every user will have the ability to communicate across different social media platforms as they wish.
  • Section II: Every user will have the ability to send messages from any social media site to a wireless device of the user.


  • Section I: Users will not have anything they've posted online used against them in anyway by anyone in the future.
  • Section II: Every user will have their intellectual property protected from everyone else on the Web.