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September 2019 Melanie Fessler

Top choices for Adding Student Voice to Your classroom

Three great tools that allow every student's voice and keeps them engaged.

You have probably heard of all three of these and may have already used them, but sometimes I have so many new things in my life I forget about some of my favorite resources.

Nearpod- has great slide shows already created on topics. The Slide shows are very interactive. Students respond individually to questions and you get real-time feedback from your students. In my Nearpod library I have lessons on Sharks, American Landmarks, Farm Animal sounds and much more. Nearpod has plenty of free lessons to try, but they do have lessons that you must purchase as well. I just set my filter to free!

PearDeck- If you already use Google Slide presentations in your room check out PearDeck. It will allow you to make all your previously made presentations interactive. With the click of a button, you can add a bell ringer, an exit ticket, or a reflection to your presentation. They also have quick assessments for the middle of your lesson as well.

Flipgrid- is free for all teachers. The first thing you read when you go to the site is Empower Every Voice! The teacher starts a grid and the students post video responses. The grid can be moderated by the teacher or open for all students to see. It is a great way to get a discussion started or to continue a discussion. Many math teachers use Flipgrid to have students explain their thinking. Many times with Flipgrid students that refuse to speak in class will do so on Flipgrid.

Empower every voice.

I would love to model a lesson with your students using one of these tools or help you prepare a lesson to use with your students. Send a Help Ticket if you are interested.

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NWEA MAP- We have the Data now What?

The learning continuum is a great resource to let us know exactly what our students are ready to learn, but when I first open it up I feel very overwhelmed. I have a few tricks that might help you feel better about using this expansive resource. If you would like me to help you individually or work with your PLC to better use the Learning Continuum please send in a help ticket.

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Reports for the MAP Test

The MAP Growth reports page looks different, but it is much more user-friendly. It was easy to forget which report you wanted but now each report has a small image of the report next to it so that it is very easy to decide which report you want to run.

The best news is that a new Family Report has been added. This report can be run as a batch for your class or individually for selected students. When you run the report you select which subjects to include. Each student´s information fits on one page when printed front to back. I have included a screenshot of the top of the report below. It explains what MAP is all about for you.

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