New York

All you need to know

Our Origins

New York was originally settled by a Dutch man named Peter Minuit, who called it New Amsterdam, but the British conquered it in 1664 and renamed it to New York. In 1673, there was a short interruption of English rule when the Netherlands temporarily regained settlement, but was returned to the British in 1674. In 1686, New York became the first city in the colonies to recieve a royal charter.

Religion and Geography

There is no dominant religion in New York and this gives an opportunity for religious freedom for Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, Jews etc. The geography of New York was the same as most of New England with fertile farm lands and mountains in the North East. There was also and abundance of natural resources such as timber, furs, coal, and iron ore. This led to New York mainly exporting agricultural products and natural resources but they were also able to manufacture products from iron ore such as plows, kettles, weapons, etc. New York also had a prosperous economy due to a good trading set-up with Native Americans.

Why you should live with us

With all of this rich culture, a religiously tolerant government, and abundant natural resources, why wouldn't you want to live with us?