Points of Pride

February 17, 2018

Instructional Focus:

Now that we have finished our training with Wendy Peterson, it's essential to reflect on what we need to implement as an individual, team, and campus. I know that the training was top notch, and we all enjoy learning; however, it's imperative that we put what we learned into practice.

I look forward to getting back to the basics with our instructional focus (more on this in the coming weeks). Settler's does not need more programs, but to move from "good to great," (B to A) we will need to dutifully analyze, fine-tune, and celebrate what we are already doing.


Upcoming Events:

2/20: APEX Fun Run Teacher Rally @ 7:15; Student Rally @ 2:00

2/21: 2:15 Release-PLC Day

2/22: Science Night from 5:30-8:00

2/26: Read Across America Week begins

2/27: Spring Picture Day from 9:00-11:00; School Council @ 4:00

2/28: Intervention Team @ 7:30; 2:15 release-PLC time

3/1: Technology Refresh training @ 7:15 (some of you chose this one, while others chose an afternoon one the following week); APEX Fun Run 8:45-11:45

3/2: 2nd grade to Butterfly Wonderland; 7:00-Dad's Club Movie Night (showing Coco)

Shout Outs.....

  • Thank you so much to Ricardo, Kevin, Todd, and Amada for their help in setting up lunch outside! I know this was a pain to move all the tables out, but I think the kids really enjoyed it!
  • Thank you to Julie Murphy for allowing us to use the gym for Safety Town to set up on Friday!
  • A huge thank you to Danielle and Jarred for giving up their weekends to chaperone the STEM trip this weekend! What an amazing experience for the kids (us too)!!!
  • A huge thank you goes to the kindergarten and first grade teams for helping me cover a 5th grade class without a sub during their prep time! That kind of teamwork is what Settler's Point is all about!
  • Thank you to all our certified and classified staff for their flexibility during the Wendy Peterson training! It's never ideal to have that many subs on campus at any time, but I think our teachers got a lot out of it!!
  • Thank you Heather Erickson for your continued leadership in fine-tuning our parent pick up procedures!
  • Thank you Sue Terrill for being so "on the ball" with scheduling things for ATI, gifted testing and AzMERIT. Not even 24 hours after getting information, and she was already getting it out to you all.