By Raegan, Trevor & Cody

The 1st Crusade

The first crusade started in 1099 (Pope Urdan II), Christians from western Europe planned to take the holy land (Jerusalem and most of modern day Israel)from the Muslims.

The 2nd Crusade

The Second Crusade consisted of Christian Crusaders defending the conquered territory from the returning Muslims planning to take the holy land back. (King Conrad III and King Conrad III)
  • During and after the 3rd Crusade, the Crusades began to drift away from the idea of being a "Holy War"


  • Godfrey of Bouillon
  • Pope Urdan II
  • King Louis VII
  • King Conrad III
  • William of Tyre
  • Pope Eugenius
  • Zenghi
  • Emperor Frederick Barbarossa
  • King Philip II
  • King Richard I


  1. What factors lead to the Crusades?
  2. Why did both the Christians and Muslims want the kingdom of Jerusalem so bad?


Many national flags of Europe incorporate a cross.