The Archives War. The True Story.

Written in March, 1842

The Archives War; Sequence Of Events.

The Archives War has got everyone talking, but what really happened? Do you know the full truth?

Well about a week ago in San Antonio, the archives war had just broke out between Texas and Mexico, and everyone has been dying to know what was going on. So we are going to give you an inside scoop! Here is the top story everyone has been waiting for!

The Lamar Administration had finally done it! They made the Mexicans mad enough that they are launching raids into Texas! Mexican General, Rafael Vasquez, marched 700 soldiers into San Antonio, Goliad, Refugio, and Victoria and they attacked! Luckily, General Vasquez retreated to Mexico, but the attack worried all Texan Citizens and the country was put into a state of panic.

When President Houston heard of this, he immediately feared an attack on Austin, and he ordered all government archives or records be taken away from the capital.

Residents of Austin disagreed with this action thinking that the capital would be moved back to Houston.The citizens of Austin were determined to prevent the move. They formed a vigilante called the "Committee of Safety" and warned the heads of government in Austin that any attempts to move the archives would be met with armed resistance, but the order was carried out anyway. In defense, a group led by Angelina Eberly fired at officials who were loading the documents onto wagons.

Angelina and Houston played a huge part in this small conflict. Angelina stopped the documents from being moved to Houston, so they wouldn't move the capital away from Austin. Super brave! And Houston was just acting quickly and defensively to save the Texas documents. Overall, they both did what they thought was best for Texas, and they both did a great job of it!

This short conflict ended with the documents staying in Austin, but that does not mean the Mexicans won't attack again, so i warn you, stay on your guard and be ready for another conflict. Thank you for reading the Texas Times!

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What The Government Is Doing Currently To prevent Mexican Invasion

The government finally decided to keep the archives in Austin and not to move the capital to Houston, and now they are doing everything in their power to prevent another invasion.



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