POHW Before Poster

by Carlie Roberts

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1) Hollis' Outlook on life

In the beginning Hollis is sad and lonely after running away from several foster homes. In the end, she is happy to be part of the regan family.

(page1) '' And she's the one who put the X through the W picture''

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2) The Mustard Women

In the beginning the mustard women doesn't think that she will ever find Hollis a family.

(page 6) '' she didn't know what to do with me''

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3) Having a Non-Normal Life

In the beginning Hollis never has a normal life because she's a foster kid, and when the Mustard women finds her a home she always runs away.

(page 3) ''And that's what i thought the morning i ran away from them''

4) The Old Mans Mountain

In the beginning Hollis always has a dream to climb to the top of the mountain and draw a picture of what it looks like.

(page 2) ''Someday i would climb a mountain''

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5) Josie's Memory Loss

In the beginning Josie's memory loss is not as bad as in the end because she doesn't forget stuff until things go bad.

(page 73) ''she doesn't forget everything, just some things''

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6) Hollis' attitude

In the beginning Hollis has a really bad attitude because she never trust anyone and never really has a connection with anybody.

(page 7) ''with a mangy orange cat one step behind her''

7) Hollis' Drawing's

In the beginning Hollis just draws a picture that she sees or remembers.

(page 12) '' This wasn't one picture it was six, eight,ten.I never could get Steven right.I could see him in my head, though''