Weekly Updates!

Mrs. Reynolds' Class, Sept. 28-Oct. 2

Important Dates

*Cognitive Ability Test, Wednesday Sept. 30, 9:30am

*Pike Risk Watch Lesson, Friendly Firefighter/Truck, Tuesday Oct. 6

*Pumpkin Patch Study Trip, Wednesday Oct. 7

*PTEF Race for Education, Saturday Oct. 10

*Fall Break, Oct. 12-Oct. 23

*End of Trimester 1, Friday Nov. 6

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Reading Workshop

Students will learn to use strategies when reading in order to become more independent and confident readers.

Students will be encouraged to:

*determine what strategy would help them solve their reading "problem"

*describe how and why they used a reading strategy to their partner

*incorporate the word "because" when explaining their thinking

*use sticky notes to mark parts of the book that they find interesting or confusing

*explain the difference between reading strategies (Eagle Eye, Lips the Fish, and Stretchy Snake will be reviewed)(Tryin' Lion will be introduced)

Check out these demonstration videos of students using each reading strategy! (password: fishback)

Writing Workshop

Students will learn to write about personal experiences in order to gather ideas for writing.

Students will be encouraged to:

*verbally tell a story about something that happened to them

*record their oral story using a storyboard and pictures

*add details to their story

*create an introduction to their story that gets the reader's attention

*make pages with pictures and words that match

*write down as many sounds as they hear in a word (it doesn't need to be perfect)

*use correct letter formation

*use punctuation at the end of each sentence

*put spaces between each word

Math Workshop

Students will learn to identify and describe characteristics of objects and shapes in order to compare and classify objects.

Students will be encouraged to:

*use a variety of math tools to solve problems

*use appropriate mathematical language when describing shapes (edges/sides, vertices/corners, 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional)

*verbalize their math ideas to a partner or group

*record their thinking in a math journal using pictures AND words