VCR Lesson 2 Presentation

Sam Cohen

Fill in the Blank with the Most Appropriate Word from Lesson 3

Citizens threatened revolting after the government refused to follow popular opinion, which led to increased regulation from the president to prevent total _______.
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The Correct Answer

anarchy (n.)

  1. absence of any form of government or political authority
  2. disorder and confusion

Anarchy is similar to an interregnum, but anarchy has a more chaotic connotation. There are no other forms of anarchy.


arkhos (G.) - "ruler" or "first in rank"

an (G.) - "without"

These combine to mean "without a ruler."


  • Chaos
  • Disorder
  • Confusion
  • Lawlessness
  • Turmoil

Notice how all of these synonyms give off a more severe connotation than interregnum.


  • Harmony
  • Order
  • Method
  • Rule
  • Organization
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Anarchy Symbol

There are groups of people who support the anarchy movement because they do not think our form or another country's form of government is effective. They believe the government is intruding on the freedom of its citizens. The symbol typically used is an A that extends beyond the borders of a circle.

Choose the Number of the Answer That Is Not True

  1. government : anarchy :: shelter : homeless
  2. anarchy : order :: dictatorship : free will
  3. suspense : horror movies :: disorder : anarchy
  4. lawless : anarchy :: flat : earth

The Correct Answer

The correct answer is 4. because anarchy is lawless but the Earth is not flat.