Sam Houston

by: Makayla & Carley

where he grew up

He grew up are lived at Rock bridge county ,Virginia ,U.S and died in july 26 1863 at age 70 he was born on March 2 , 1793.

highlights of his childhood

In 1809 at the age 16 he ran away from home to work at his brothers work shop. On January 22,1829, at the age of 35

What he was rembered for

He was 1st and 3rd president of Texas.7th Gov. of Texas was leader of a war.

What inpact the had on Texas

They helped the Texans settle in Texas. Sam Houston was helping the Texans fight for independence.
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intresting fact about Sam Houston

At the age of 35 he got married to Isabelle and had 5 kids