Miss Zimmerman's Classroom News

3rd Grade - 3/14/14

Reader's/Writer's Workshop

Reading Focus Points for this week were:

  • I can use strategies to determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text.

  • We worked on poetry this week, and discussed figurative language. We used context clues and finding the root word to figure out unknown words/phrases.

Homework: Students will also have a reading passage with questions they take home on Friday and have the responsibility to turn in completed the following Friday.

Reading log- 60 Minutes per Week

Will also come home Friday and should be returned the following Friday

Writer’s Focus Points for this week were:

  • I can connect my information using linking words and phrases.
  • We finished up our biographical sketches by combining our information in to paragraphs and used linking words to make our writing flow smoothly.

Students will bring writing notebook home Mon.-Thurs.

We needed a class photo for the yearbook…hope you like it!


Math Focus Points for this week were:

  • I can choose the correct operation to perform the first computation and choose the correct operation to perform the second computation in order to solve two-step word problems.

    Homework: Students may redo and turn in any assignment for a better grade. On occasion students may bring home additional practice sheets to help reinforce skills.



17-21: Spring Beak

Homework will be due Friday, March 28

Encore Schedule

Monday- Counselor/Library Lesson & PE


Wednesday- Library Checkout/Health

Thursday-Music & PE

Friday – ART