Help us show our teachers how much we love them!

It's Teacher Appreciation Time!

It's time to put together our Teacher Appreciation baskets again for our teachers this year. We'll surprise them again at the graduation. (Every year they LOVE them!!!)

If you can, we'd really love your help!

We're looking for helpers to create some of the fun items to put inside of the baskets. Please note, if you choose to, we need you to do (7) of the item you choose, because every basket will be the same, so you'll be making one for every one of our teachers. :) (Of course, you can always ask to buddy up with someone.) (Or you can do something totally different!)

This year, we're doing a Family Fun theme!

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See something you'd like to do? Just click "REPLY" to this email (or email me at joy@mysunshinepreschool.com) and let me know, so I can move the idea over to the board below that shows who is doing what. (You can also tell me that you'd like to do something different than what you see.) Please note the "DEFINITELY NEED" items, as we need to make sure those get chosen too. And as always, let's keep this TOP SECRET so our teachers will be surprised! :)

Of course, you don't have to do anything at all, or you can even do your own thing if you want. We're just trying to make sure we show our teachers in a BIG way how much we love them! Thanks for your help!!!

All the best!


P.S.: All items need to be dropped off at Joy's house (2344 W Cerulean Dr, Kuna) Tuesday, May 22 at 7 p.m. (or dropped off on my porch anytime; just text me so I know it's there at 208-830-9776) so we can compile them all into baskets. Thanks again!

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