Serial Killers

Ivan Perla

Carl Eugene Watts

He was born in Killeen Texas, November 7, 2015 his parents seperated when he was just two years old. Around 12 years old he started fantasizing about stalking and killing young girls. At the age of 15 he killed his first victim. When he was 13 he got meningitis and was held back in the 8th grade. After that he had a hard time adjusting to school. At the age of 16 he had the reading level of a third grader and was constantly being bullied.


On June 26, 1969 he was arrested for sexually assaulting Joan Gave. He was sentenced to a mental institution and there it showed he suffered from mild mental retardation. His serial killing days started when he was 20 in 1974. Killed girls from age range of 14-44. His methods of killing was strangulation, stabbing, drowning. They didn't discover him as a serial killer until 8 years into his killing spree. Arrested May 23, 1982 for breaking into two women's house trying to kill them. With not enough evidence to convict him to the other murders they gave him a bargain where he would only serve 60 years if he confessed to the killings he committed. He confessed to killing 40 women also saying there were more than 80 victims. He died September 21,2007 in prison from prostate cancer. He was 53.