Future Technology!

How will the future technology be better for our planet?

What different types of technology will be avaliable?

 1)Solar powered aircraft- Able to fly without loads of litres of fuel and so fossil fuels will be saved. 2)The roler vehicle- Equipped with spherical wheels that can move in any direction. 3) The talking shoe- Can talk to the owner making gestures like humans would etc "this is getting boring" if someone was to stand still for ages. 4) Printer clothing- Can print different clothes and also clean them. 5)Newspaper sized flexible paper- Really bendy and so would not get crumpled up. AND MANY MANY MORE IDEAS!

How would this benefit everyone?

All of the different sort of technology mentioned will benefit everyone in different ways. For example the solar powered aircraft. This would benefit the whole world as fossil fuels would be saved as the aircraft would not use so much fuel and so would be able to be used for something more important. Another invention such as the flexible newspaper would benefit busy buisness men and woman and also parents who would be in a rush in the morning. Reading the paper with it not being crumpled up would be better than a ball of crunch. Don't you agree? Prevented by rushing around. On the other hand I know that different target audiences would really find these desings on the high end of the cool factor and would enjoy them greatly. Interesting or what!

Different sorts of inventions for OUR future:

What inventions do I think would be good for where I live?

In Atherstone, we may have a range of transport avaliable to different places but although this they can be slow and with impatient people like myself I think that the idea of having a transportation device set into homes would be a great idea with many advantages! Not only would it be quicker to get from place to place that you want to go but it would also be beneficial for the environment as fossil fuels would be saved and fuels such as petrol and coal for trains and cars would not be contributing to global warming! What a great idea with no cost aswell!