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Edition 6: March 26, 2015

Tiffany Logan writes: "Ran my first 10K for Boston Firefighters using couch to 10k app!! Thank you!!"

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What Our Users Are Saying About Our Apps

"I am having SO MUCH FUN with your SuperNote app! I’m also getting some work done. (I am a nature photographer.) This is the best app I’ve found for recording sounds when I am outside."

- Tania (support email)

"I did it! Thank you 5K Runner! I have completed my first ever full 5K run today - I had never really done any proper running until I started the app at the beginning of the year - It's an awesome feeling, keep going everyone out there!!"

- Katherine Speirs (Facebook)

"Love this app. Passible is a lean, clean functionality smart app. I have owned Passible for only two days and the app works great so far. Navigation is very good and I love the way it looks too. I would definitely recommend Passible to friends."

- Jamie Thompson (support email)

"Great innovative app. The idea of having one place to store all of your data makes it easier to ensure that your data will remain safe and hidden from prying eyes. The advanced encryption is the icing on the cake for this app. It seems like an extremely reliable app development"

- Diana (comment on Passible app review article)

"I use a few of your apps and I really enjoy them ! Huge congrats, amazing programs and design, I'm about to buy for the others. 6th start up of Israel that's really cool ! Many thanks, continue what you are doing, it's awesome."

-Emmanuel Abraham (support email)

"Many thanks for this brilliant innovation. Super Note Pro is SUPER indeed! Tested and trusted and I do recommend it to students and professionals. It's user friendly, clear and compatible."

- Remi (support email)

"I finished my couch to 5K just a couple of weeks ago. The reason I started the program was seeing runners and friendship they shared after volunteering at a Disney Race. Also, I was over weight and out of breath just trying to put my socks on. So, I started the program and now with running and new diet, I have lost 25 pounds! Ran 2 5K's and one I placed 3rd in my age group with a time of 27:44. Then last week I got 6th in my age group with a 26:31. I am on to the 5K Pacer now. Ready to speed it up some. Thanks again!"

- Darren Jessica Casteel (Facebook)

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