are disaster movies accurate?

Ben Jones


Hollywood disaster movies are a popular genre of film. This article will explore the realism of the scenes shown in the film

Volcano Which was produced in April 25,1997 In Los Angeles, California.

A volcano is a hill or a mountain that is usually cone shaped.That opens downward to a pool of rock below the surface of the earth. When pressure builds up, eruptions occur.


The location where this type of hazard usually occurs Most volcanoes are located at the edge of the tectonic plate boundaries inside the ring of fire.

The map below shows the normal location of this type of hazard

Case Study

How are mount vesuvius and the the movie volcano similar and diferent?

Mount Vesuvius is located at the province of naples. the most recent eruption was in 1944 and the most famous one happened in 79 AD. The difference to the volcano in the movie and Mount Vesuvius isn't that much. One is that where the volcano happened in the movie wasn't at a boundary of the Tectonic plates and Mount Vesuvius was. Secondly Volcanoes are less likely to erupt so early on for example in the movie the volcano wasn't even formed and in mount Vesuvius it was finished growing it was really big and tall so mount Vesuvius was more likely to erupt. Finally cars and people were driving towards the volcano not noticing that there was hot lava everywhere and most places that have cars driving past and over there shouldn't be a volcanos there. but as for mount Vesuvius cars can't drive there they tried to evacuate as soon as they noticed it was happening.


In conclusion i think that this movie wasn't that accurate because of some of the qualities it had to offer like for example fire man fighting off the lava i found that false because yes it is possible but its about would they do that in real life and the answer is no so i think that volcanoes like mount Vesuvius are true and the volcano in this movie isn't true.