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FM9's Daily News - Monday, January 30, 2017

Jan 30

Art Club

There is a meeting after school on Wednesday in room 1100, Ms. Harper's room, at FMHS Main. The meeting will be short and full of information for the upcoming month. Hope to see you there!

Jaguar Basketball Fundraiser Tonight at Raising Caines!

Jags Fundraiser today January 30th from 3:30-10:00pm at Cane’s on 407 in Highland Village-Come out and support! #GOJAGS
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Spanish Club

Spanish Club members, there is a meeting Wednesday, February 1st after school! Come join us for a fun game of bingo with some snacks!

FMHS Cheer and Mascot Try-Outs

FMHS Cheer and Mascot Try-Outs are coming up March 6-10th. If you are interested in building school spirit and cheering on our teams we want to see you! MANDATORY parent/student meeting is February 6th in FMHS Library from 7pm-9pm.

Wow! Oklahoma! The reviews are in and it was fantastic! Congratulations to FMHS Theater Department for an amazing musical!

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Congratulations to Flower Mound Wrestling! 1st Place at the Jaguar Invitational!

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National Croissant Day

It’s National Croissant Day, hold your horses fellas!!! There is some history behind this tasty pastry. The story of the croissant begins in Austria in the 1400s, with the kipfel, a crescent-shaped pastry. Made with light bread-like dough, it was denser and less flaky than the croissant we know today. The exact history of the kipfel is hazy: the word was used in Austrian food as far back as the thirteenth century, referring to crescent-shaped sweets, but it does not refer specifically to the Viennese breakfast (sweet, dough-based dessert food) until the fifteenth century. A dessert called gateaux en croissants appeared at a Parisian fancy meal for Catherine de' Medici in 1549; however, that word likely referred to crescent-shaped cakes and sweet, baked foods, not the (sweet, dough-based dessert food) we know today.

Here’s Bruno making a croissant!