Alexander the Great

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Alexanders empire

With in a year,Alexander had destroyed Thebes and enslaved the Theban people.He uses Thebes as an example to other Greeks of what would happen if they turned against him. Then confident that the Greeks would not rebel again, he set out to build an empire.Alexanders efforts to build an empire made him one of the greatest conquerors in history. these efforts earned him the name Alexander the great

Building an Empire

Like his father,Alexander was a brilliant commander. In 334 BC he attacked the Persians,who army was much larger than his own. But Alexanders troops were well trained and ready for battle.They defeated the Persians time after time. according to legend, Alexander visited a town called Gordium in Asia minor while he was fighting the Persians. There he heard an ancient tale about a knot tied by an ancient king.The tale said that whoever untied the knot would rule all of Asia.according to the legend Alexander pulled out his sword and cut right through the knot.


When Alexander was 16, his father lead an army into Thrace and left the young prince in charge of ruling Macedonia in his absence.
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