Tokyo, Japan

Aaron Carter

Cost to fly there

The cost for a one stop trip in a business class flight to Japan costs $11784.00 ($5892.00 per person) to go to Tokyo and back for two people on an 11 day trip. This will be a 15 hour trip. and another 15 hours to fly back.


I will be staying in the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo the cost of it will be $2246.00 ($204.16 a night) for the whole 11 days. This hotel provides internet, breakfast and a pool. I will have a nice view to the city of Tokyo from my room.


A few activities I will be doing in Tokyo. First I shall be going to the Tokyo tower it is the color of crimson and it reaches up to the sky! It is 1093 feet tall (333 meters). This tower was built in June of 1957. It will cost me $118.62 to get a tour of the Tokyo tower. Next, I shall be venturing to a ninja school and learning the skills of a ninja! It will cost me $157.60 for a day of ninja school. Lastly, I shall go to Disney-World in Tokyo for three days. The cost of two three day passes is $2291.77 per person! I will get all the fun out of those three days.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

A problem I might face while going on this trip is getting pick pocketed. To prevent this from happening, I can wear a dress shirt and put my wallet in my front pocket. Another solution is to avoid getting into large crowds.


While I could have went to many other places, I chose to go to Tokyo, Japan. Tokyo has so many places to go and things to do! I will be taking the public bus to everywhere I need to be. Tokyo is truly a magnificent city with so many features and such a diverse culture.