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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

May 4, 2020

Our job has become so different in the last two months. We have learned a new way to deliver instruction and have taught our students and their families a new way to learn. Teachers have led the way in creating some sort of normalcy for our community. I have never been so proud to be part of our profession and our amazing group of educators here in NVUSD.

Thank you for all you do!

Site Reps Share Great Things Happening at Schools

  • We are doing a Poem In Your Pocket day next Thursday, and sharing via Zoom with othr classrooms. Schedules are flexible.

  • We are going strong.

  • Most of us are seeing 85 to 100% of our kids each week. I wish it were 100% everyday, but the students are getting on!

  • We are over 80% attendance!!!

  • Our principal is really stepping up and supporting us. I'm very impressed.

  • Weekly check-in meetings.

  • Teachers and Families coming together to support the needs of all students

  • Lunch distribution is helping lots of families!

  • We appear to be transitioning to online learning fairly smoothly, and have remarkably good attendance.

  • The teachers at Willow have all stepped up and devoted hours of extra time to get teachers/parents/students, who needed technical training, up to speed. Multi-grade level teams have spent so much time working together to make sure everyone was comfortable with what they were doing and ready to go. In such a large school, this has been a team effort and I think it's safe to say we have knocked it out of the park.

  • My partner and I started a "Lunch Bunch". We are inviting small groups of students to join us for a virtual lunch, and we are all loving it.

  • Some teachers are seeing positive engagement from students who have not engaged all year!

  • Spirit days to engage our community and students.

  • How organized the admin has been, how motivated the staff has been learning all the new tech and teaching each other.

  • Napa High has strong leadership.

  • Our staff has really banded together to help each other tackle this huge new undertaking.

RIF Information

On April 29th the Final Seniority RIF list was presented at a hearing by the CTA and District Attorneys. Final ruling by the Administrative Judge is expected by the end of this week. The current number of certificated employees on that list is 81.


Here is a link to CTA Director Jerry Eaton's newsletter. It is full of relevant links to the work CTA is doing to support its members and public education. There are many useful resources.

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The NEA Representative Assembly will be held virtually this year from July 1-3. We are looking for local members to participate in this event. Please contact us at NVEA.CTA@GMAIL.COM if you are interested. At this event we will elect the NEA Executive Officers, vote on the NEA Budget, Determine the direction of the NEA Fund for Children, Endorse a US Presidential candidate, and other items of business.

Here are the Talking Points from the NVEA/NVUSD Council Meeting April 14th:

  • RIF Update -Some RIF notices have been rescinded, but the District is being cautious. There is concern about an additional drop in enrollment that could trigger lay-offs in August.

  • Distance Learning 2.0 has begun. The MOU was reviewed. It was agreed that schedules and expectations need to be clarified. Pat Andry-Jennings will be sending district wide messaging.

  • Technolog access and security problems were discussed. Issues should be dirrected to a supervisor and to the Technology Department.

  • Grading- A Secondary and an Elementary committee were formed to address the criteria of credit/no credit, feedback, and how that will look in NVUSD.

  • We discussed teacher leave and options for coverage in a Distance Learning model.

    Our Next meeting is scheduled for May 5th.