Future Technology


Old Desktop

you can do plenty of things with an old PC except insert emoji s, place things in the recycling bin, and more. old technology is not that bad when you look at it. when you first bought it it was near the state of the art. but its sad how many users ditch perfectly good machines for shiny new laptops.

iMac Mac

The idea behind the iMac has never wavered to craft the ultimate desktop experience. The best display, paired with high performance processors, graphics and storage--all within an incredibly thin, seamless enclosure. It works fast and has a big screen. The iMac is the perfect family-friendly desktop computer for school, homework and work.

The Rolltop

This effort from Orkin Design has much in common with the D-roll in that both designs fold into an easy-to-carry tube when not in use. But unlike the D-roll, the Rolltop also lies flat for tablet use. The tube packs the power supply, a Webcam, USB ports, speakers, and an extendable power cord. A flexible OLED display, a screen keyboard, and a stylus (for tablet writing) round out the feature set. See the Rolltop in action.