2015 Year in Review

Bryce McCain Pd.2

Best 3 Marketed companies


Apple is leading 2015 in the best marketed companies with the introduction of new apple products and the iPhone 6/6s. Their brand value is 143.5 billion dollars, which is higher than Microsoft and google.


Disney has always marketed well to kids by bringing nostalgic feelings to their parents which make the parents tell their kids to watch the movies they watched when they were little. With the annoucement of the new movie finding Dory, Disney has set themselves up well

Chick FIl A

Chick FIl a markets well using their logo, when someone sees the bag they want to go to chick fil a and buy something from there because they have good customer service and the food is good.
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2 Best and Worst Products of 2015


  • Apple iPhone 6s
The first best product of 2015 was the iPhone 6s because it was the new thing that everyone wants.
  • Hoverboard
I think that the hover board was a bad idea that got lucky, but it is selling really good, everyone wants to ride one which makes it have high demand.


  • Apple Pencil

The apple pencil was one of their worst ideas, I don't think that it serves much purpose unless you have numerous apple products.

  • Wowcup
The wowcup is a cup for kids that has a 360 non-spill lid so that when a kid has a drink they don't spill it.

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Two Best Movies of 2015

In my opinion the two best movies of 2015 were Star Wars: The force awakens and Jurassic World.

Star Wars was highly anticipated and for some it was very good, others it was a let down but I enjoyed it very much. Star Wars was planned to be released around winter break for students and Holiday Season for adults so that more people would be able to attend the first weekend and Midnight viewing.

Jurassic World was a very good movie, a remake or continuation of the older series Jurassic Park. This time they have upgraded the park so that it is basically open to the public and turned it into a resort.

Two Best Musical Artists

Future and Drake

The two best musical artists in 2015 were future and drake. Alone they were both receiving a lot of attention but then they made an album together and received twice the amount of attention. They also created a lot of anticipation on their album together by releasing a song together before the album was dropped.

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Top 10 Movies of 2015

1. Mad Max: Fury Road

2. Inside Out

3. Selma

4. Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens

5. Brooklyn

New Years Resolutions

Personal Improvement: Remember more things such as homework and being on time.

Family and Friends: Spend more time with Family and friends when I have the time.

School: Get better grades in all of my classes.