Creation of the Cyclops

Caleb Hinz

As the Earth shook, Poseidon, god of the sea, swam through the murky water and to the surface of the west coast. He looked inland, and saw Zeus and his brethren warring against their father Kronos. As Zeus threw a lightning bolt through Kronos’s molten arm, magma began to pour out on the ground and sent people running in chaos. If I don’t go and help them, Poseidon thought, they could wipe out all of California! Poseidon was aware that his palace had no protection without him, but to him, saving California was more important. Reluctantly, Poseidon went to assist his brothers and sisters, oblivious to the group of three-headed hydras heading toward his palace.

Kronos had become mad with power, and his intent was world domination. Kronos had murdered Uranus, the Sky, who was also Gaia’s husband. Gaia, the Earth, was the cause of the earthquakes that Poseidon and the people of Earth were feeling. The gods were attempting to overthrow their father, and take his place as the rulers of the Earth. Apollo, god of the Sun, had blinded and confused Kronos, and once Poseidon made it to Kronos, the other gods began to restrain Kronos. Gaia felt the intense battle taking place, and knew it could only be one being, Kronos. She began to extend extremely strong roots out of the dirt, and used them to bind his wrists and feet. This caused Kronos to drop his large scythe. Using the scythe, Zeus killed Kronos, and banished him to the deepest part of Tartarus. “The Earth can finally be free of Kronos, and we will be its new rulers.” announced Zeus.

As the gods departed to attend to other matters, Poseidon headed back to his underwater palace. Something didn’t sit well with Poseidon; he felt like something was wrong. Once he arrived at his palace, or, what was left of it, he was greeted by the three-headed hydras. Their snake-like heads hissed at Poseidon when they saw him. Poseidon, teeming with rage, made the hydras death quick. His mossy palace was in ruins, the pillars were broken, his roof had caved in, and the once peaceful waters, had been stained with hydra blood. Poseidon realized that his palace was in desperate need of protection. He needed a beast, something that was frightening enough to scare away human scuba divers, and tough enough to fight off other beasts like the hydras. He created a large, burly, human-like figure, but with a single eye, to scare off humans. Though Poseidon did not name this beast, when the few surviving witnesses of it told their stories, they came to call it the ‘Cyclops’.