Ariana Grande

BY: Tatiana stevens

Ariana's first start

Ariana was born in Boca Raton, Florida in 1993. And she start preforming on stage when she was young. She had a role in Broadway at the age 15 followed by some small TV rolls helped her get the roll for the TV show Sam and Cat and after that her music career went to the top. Her 2 albums were a hit. She was really popular Ariana was born on the date June 26, 1993.

Her father was a clothes designer and her mother was a CEO. She took singing and acting at a young age. She had a lot of TV rolls. She won a national youth theatre association award. She played in the TV show Victorious.

All about her

She is a singer and a great actress she won in 2012 a kids choice award. When Ariana was in Sam and Cat there was a rumor that Ariana didn’t really like it and then they stopped the show and she keeps rising every day and is an amazing singer actress and dancer what will she do next. Ariana packed the show with people for the Q Thursday night. All of her songs are Problem, Grenade, Born this way, Popular, Right there, Baby I, Break free, and put your heart up. Ariana Grande had a lot of relationships.

Ariana Grande teamed up with Jessie J and Nicki Minaj and sang BANG BANG. She was popular because she had millions of likes on Facebook, YouTube, and twitter. (She chats with her fans on all these sites) She donate money to charity.