The Long And Short Of Dry Cleaning

Sometimes, clothes and other linens need something more than the regular wash to maintain their quality. This is when dry cleaning is considered as an option.

Why you need to dry clean?

Some materials need special care and maintenance. Dry cleaning is the solution for the clothes like sheets, linen upholstery, drapery and bridal wear. It is usually done for the clothes that cannot be washed using normal methods.

When used for long periods of time, clothes, upholstered furniture and draperies will accumulate a lot of dust and pollen. No matter how well maintained the house is, the longer the materials go without cleaning, the more the dust in them. Dry cleaning completely removes the traces of all dust and dirt.

Dry cleaning can be done as a part of an annual regular maintenance process, to maintain the sheets, upholstery and drapery without any repairs. When any one of these materials are marked or repaired in any way, dry cleaning removes all traces of the blemish / stain and the best dry cleaners also offer services for repairing /stitching any tears or holes that might occur due to prolonged usage.

Materials that need to be dry cleaned

Dry cleaning is usually used for materials like suede, leather and upholstery. Best dry cleaners in NYC like Cameo Cleaners offer upholstery cleaning and they are also the best suede cleaners.

Leather is one of the hardest to wash and clean but is a cool fashion statement that can never go out of style. Leather jackets should be dry cleaned in one of NYC’s leather cleaners that offer dry cleaning services. Cameo Cleaners also offer leather jacket repair.

Delicate materials might need a different type of care, and hand cleaning is the right method to care for the stains in the cloth. Dry cleaning is done with utmost care so that memories are kept safe. Bridal dresses and other shirts and suits that may be used only once need dry cleaning before they can be stored long term.

Repairing the upholstery must be done in a way such that the stitches and repair work done are not visible. The clothes must come back from the dry cleaners like they are new.

Why you should take extreme care while choosing dry cleaners

The materials and dresses given for dry cleaning are usually expensive and need the best type of cleaning and care possible Dry cleaning is chosen for times when normal cleaning is not enough and therefore must be done using a special process. The process of dry cleaning is not limited to clothes and is often inclusive of other accessories. This means that the individual products must be taken care of differently

Cameo Cleaners offer dry cleaning services for suede, leather and linen upholstery.

They also offer alteration and weaving services for special clothes like shirts, suits, ties, and bridal wear. Fur cleaning and glazing is also part of the services offered.

Choosing the right dry cleaners can make all the difference to your clothes and accessories.


Alice James is the professional offering cleaning services in Chicago who also likes to write interesting articles and blogs, helping people understand the industry and make the right decisions when it comes to hiring someone for the cleaning services. She recommends Cameo Cleaners for the best cleaning services.