Third Grade Thoughts

Weekly News from Glenhope 3rd Grade! (Volume 15-16, Issue 2)

About Us

We had 3rd graders create a collage using the Pic Collage app last week to tell us about themselves. We also created one with them. Feel free to check out our teacher collages above to learn a little more about us!

Classroom Needs

Thank you for the donations we have received so far...they are so appreciated! We are still in need of some things, if you would like to make a donation:

-child-size scissors

-standard card decks (for math games)

Have any old chapter books? We are trying to grow our classroom libraries. If you have any old books you would like to donate, we would happily accept them!

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Friday Folders

Friday Folders went home for the first time last week. We ask that you review these with your child and send them back signed on Monday. We had quite a few 3rd graders who didn't bring theirs back signed this week! :)


We have noticed several 3rd grade children touching and playing with each other's hair. We cannot allow this because of hygiene issues. We have spoken to our students about it, but appreciate if you relay the message at home as well!


Last week, PTA membership forms were sent home. We hope that you each consider becoming a member. Our Glenhope PTA is amazing and does so much each year!

Glenhope is also doing its annual Greenback fundraiser. Instead of doing a "catalog" type fundraiser where your child has to ask neighbors, friends, and relatives to order products, we hold a Greenback fundraiser instead. If you would like to donate check or cash, you can send it in to school. All Greenback money goes directly to support our needs. For example, a portion of this year's Greenback money will be used to purchase movement stools for every classroom. Each grade level also will receive a $500 stipend from Greenback funds to purchase much needed items. Thank you for your support!

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Save the Date

Monday, September 7th

Labor Day (no school!)

September 8-21

Beginning of Year Writing Assessments

**Please try not to schedule appointments on these days during writing time (9:00-9:45)

You Say It's Your Birthday...

no upcoming birthdays!
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How are we growing our brains next week?


-place value

-introducing fun facts


-pick out "good fit" books

-building our independent reading stamina


-beginning of year writing assessments (1 narrative essay & 1 expository essay)



-classifying matter (solids, liquids, and gases)

-predicting and observing changes in matter

Social Studies:

-communities (reasons why communities are formed)

Growth Mindset: A Life Skill

In addition to the concept of grit, we began talking with students this week about a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset. We will be encouraging students to become more growth minded throughout the year. To understand more about a growth mindset and fixed mindset, please watch the video below.

We also recommend a wonderful book by Carol Dweck called Mindset. It is an easy read and describes growth mindset vs. fixed mindset in an understandable way.

Growth Mindset Animation

Oh, the Places We'll Go as a 1:1 Campus!

As we continue our digital journey, we are trying to instill important lessons regarding technology with our 3rd graders. One important element we have discussed with students is the development of their Digital Footprint. Throughout the year, we will work to help them understand the importance of being safe online as well as leaving a digital footprint to be proud of, instead of ashamed of. To view the presentation and videos we showed students, please click here:
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Enjoy Your Holiday!

We have so enjoyed the last two weeks with your children. We look forward to growing more and more as the year progresses. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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