By Marwah and Chloe

Welcome to the country of Funtimetopia

Welcome to the country of FunTimeTopia! Where dreams come true!

Now that you have become an official citizen we have a stack of information for you.

First off this is a very large country, in miles we spread up to 94,058 miles on each side and we are surrounded by an ocean which makes us an island. Our terrain consists of plains with fertile soil for our farmers and mountains for a daredevil climbers, we also have lots of beaches and fishing spots in our country. So far our population goes up to 7 million citizens but every day we are getting new people who want a fresh start. Our country has 2 main languages you must speak English(UK) and French if you speak other languages that is ok as long as you speak the other 2! For our educational requirements all citizens must graduate high school then are free to choose if they would like to go to college or not. Our military requirements are simple all men at the age of 25 sign up for selective service and in a national emergency we are allowed to gather you but for our non urgent matters we will have people sign up for training to become a FunTimeTopia soldier.

We are a capitalist country so people have most of the control. Also people have the freedom to make their own businesses since we use capitalism. The retirement age for our country is 60 years of age all people 60 years of age are funded for retirement. Lastly our tax rate is 20% per a yearly pay from each person.

The Flag

This is the Funtimetopia flag
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Freedoms For Citizens

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Freedom of Marriage
  • Freedom of Government
  • Freedom of Education
  • Freedom of Happiness (NO DONALD TRUMP)

Illegal Things

  • Drugs
  • Weapons
  • All types of Crime
  • Abuse, Racism, and children under 14 working

Our Government

We chose representative democracy because according to our studies the U.S has lasted 200+ years with the use of this type of government without any major challenges to the government system. We did not select the theocracy government because it doesn’t meet our goal of freedom of religion. Also we didn’t pick monarchy because we believe that the people should be able to vote for whom they believe would be reliable as a leader instead of having the rule of a country be by blood. Dictatorship was also not a good choice for us because it rids of the freedom of voting and running for the offices. We didn’t choose direct democracy because it would be expensive to have every citizen vote on their own. Finally we didn’t choose oligarchy because it is also a step closer to dictatorship because the group wasn’t elected by the people. We elect a new president every 4 years by having a election by having each state's representative's go to the capital to vote.

Our Economy

We chose capitalism because throughout recent history it proved to be the most effective in raising the economic prosperity of everyone , and since our country depends on tourism and fun we need private capital and ingenuity to succeed. We didn’t choose communism because it does not reward the hard working and overtime proved less successful. Socialism is not as successful as capitalism also because we don’t want people to pay that high of a tax rate.


The system of government we chose was Federal because it allows checks and balances and has everyone accountable. Which means the president is accountable for the congress so they don’t become dictators, also congress is accountable to the judiciary so they don’t create laws that contradict the constitution, finally the judiciary only enforces the constitution. The Confederation system because we aren’t looking to create an alliance for our country’s government. Next we didn’t chose Parliamentary isn’t wanted for our country because it gets rid of the point of our law “ Freedom to Vote” for their own leader instead of having no choice. Finally we didn’t choose Unitary because we believe each individual state should have a right to choose their own certain laws.