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August 28, 2020

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Important Dates in September

  • September 4 - NO SCHOOL Teachers' Institute Day
  • September 7 - NO SCHOOL Labor Day
  • September 9 - Curriculum information sent home to parents from teachers
  • September 18 - Progress Reports Issued
  • September 25 - School Improvement Day 11:15 AM Dismissal

Birthday Treats

During this phase of reopening, all Dunlap elementary schools are postponing birthday treats. Dunlap elementary schools are trying to limit, to the best of our ability, items being brought into school from the outside. Your child's birthday will still be recognized and celebrated within their classroom.

RES Spirit Wear

Last Call to Order Your Spiritwear!

RES’ Online Spiritwear Store closes TONIGHT at 11:59 p.m. Orders will arrive at the school during the last week of September.

Shop at:

Frequently Asked Questions

If my child is quarantined, will he/she automatically switch over to the remote classroom during the quarantine? - The answer to this is no. The format of the remote class is much more structured and rigorous than last spring's emergency e-learning plan. Switching students back and forth frequently between in-person and remote learning would wreak havoc on both students and staff. We will treat quarantine situations just like any other absence with teachers gathering work for the students and parents coming to the school to pick up and drop off. Parents will work directly with their in-person teacher to coordinate work.

Can you tell me what class/grade a person is in that has tested positive for COVID-19? Unfortunately, we are not able to share that information with anyone as per confidentiality guidelines.

I want to switch my child from in-person to remote learning - We can do this but please understand that every time we make a change like this there is a disruption to the flow of teaching and learning for your child and the teacher. Remote teachers follow the same scope and sequence but may be using different resources and may be on a slightly different pace than their in-person colleagues. Since we are committed to maintaining balance in our class sizes for remote learning, we cannot guarantee that a child switching from in-person to remote learning will have a Ridgeview teacher as their remote teacher. They will, however, have a Dunlap teacher. Requests of this nature can be made to the building principal.

Written Documentation of Negative Covid Test Results is Required

As more information becomes available from the IDPH and other community entities, we are better able to provide our families with resources that will allow students to return to school as safely and as quickly as possible following a negative COVID-19 test, per IDPH guidlines. The district does require written documentation of a negative COVID-19 test for students who are symptomatic to return to school (blue column on IDPH Decision Tree found here). Please note that students cannot test out of a 14 day quarantine.

We have found, however, that those getting tested at the community-based Peoria Civic Center testing site are only receiving results through the mail which can take up to 5 days. We have recently learned that parents CAN call and ask that the Civic Center testing site fax the results to our school. Parents must request results be faxed to the school as staff members cannot make that request. The phone number for parents to call to request results be faxed directly to the school is: 1-469-498-0222. Our Ridgeview fax number is 309-692-8357.

A Ridgeview staff member will contact you, upon receipt of the negative COVID-19 test fax, to confirm your child's return date.

For Heartland Health Center testing: Those tested at this facility receive results by text. Unfortunately there is no name attached to the text, so the text cannot be accepted. It is difficult to get through to the COVID phone number at Heartland and often you will receive a message that says their operators are busy and to try back later (no option to leave a message or wait on hold). The district has discovered that Heartland Health Center testing sites are no longer emailing results however they will provide a hard copy for pick up. The pick up location is at 1701 W. Garden at that clinic location and not at the drive thru location.

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Chromebook Tech Support for Remote Learners

The Ridgeview website has a 1:1 Technology button that will help answer the majority of parent questions regarding Canvas FAQ, Chromebook care and Google/Chromebook FAQ. Take some time to familiarize yourself with where to go to find technology assistance.

If you are experiencing any issues with your Chromebook, and cannot find the answers to your questions on any of the tabs in the 1:1 Technology button on the Ridgeview website, please contact the Dunlap IT help desk at

Classroom teachers will not be able to support any issues with technology aside from general login instructions for district platforms.

Morning Drop Off Reminders

This process went more smoothly as the week progressed. We have a few issues that remain that we need your help on to ensure that our students arrive safely:

  1. If you are the first car in line dropping off, please pull all the way up to the stop sign at the end of the drive and drop your child. This allows several other cars to pull up and drop off as well.
  2. Please do NOT pass other cars and pull ahead to drop off. This creates further traffic and safety issues for everyone.
  3. If you do not want to wait in a line of cars, simply pull into one of our 2 parking lots and walk your child to the sidewalk.
  4. Please do not EVER drop your child off from the front parking lot. We do not have personnel there at the crosswalk to help children walk across to the front sidewalk.

Thank you for your continued support in keeping our students safe!

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Transportation Services

TRANSPORTATION: All students are assigned a bus. It is policy that students are only allowed to ride the bus to which they have been assigned. Our default is to send students home on their bus each day. If your student will be doing something other than taking their bus home at the end of each day as part of their regular schedule, (car rider, day care – including Right at School, etc.) please complete a Transportation Change Form and turn it into the office. Parents may scan and email the completed form to A new form will need to be completed each school year.

Please note that bus times in PowerSchool are approximate. Due to our staggered dismissal, buses will arrive home sooner than shown in PowerSchool.

For Kindergarten Parents only – a parent must be at the stop before the driver will allow the Kindergarten student off of the bus. Kindergarten parents can complete a Kindergarten Parent Consent Form that will allow someone other than a parent to get their Kindergarten child from the bus. A copy of this form will be kept both in the office and on the child’s bus.

Curriculum Night for Parents

The original school calendar had indicated we would be hosting a parent curriculum night. In the past, this event served as an opportunity for parents to come to the school, meet their child's teacher, and learn about the curriculum and general classroom structure. We will not be hosting this event this year due to limitations on large gatherings. Instead, each teacher will be creating a virtual presentation that will be shared with parents via email on Wednesday, September 9th. Follow up questions for teachers should be communicated directly with your child's teacher. Thank you for your understanding and flexibility during this phase of reopening.

Curbside Meals for Remote Learners

The Food Services Department will once again be offering meals for remote learners who want to sign up. Those qualifying for free and reduced lunches will have these meals available at no charge. The sign up link is below. For further questions on this process, contact Lisa Leitner at (309) 243-7751.

Ridgeview Has A New Phone Number

Please be reminded that Ridgeview has a new phone number. Our phone number is 309-243-7717. The number for the district office or another Dunlap school number may show up when a Ridgeview staff member calls you. Please do not simply hit the redial button - please use our new phone number to return calls.

Visitors and Volunteers

In an effort to follow the guidelines set forth for our return to school, visitors will only be allowed in very unique and absolutely necessary circumstances. These visits would have to be pre-approved by building administration ahead of time. Lunch guests will not be allowed due to the factors indicated previously as well as capacity limitations.

A pick up/drop off corner has been established in the foyer for items that need to be dropped off or picked up. Please call to alert office staff (309-243-7717) ahead of time if you have an item to drop off and be sure to clearly label the item with your child's name and their teacher.

SIP Day, September 25th

School will dismiss at 11:15AM on Friday, September 25th, due to our school improvement day. Lunches will not be served that day however buses will run. Should your child require any changes in transportation due to the upcoming 11:15AM dismissal on Friday, September 25th, please contact the office by phone at 309-243-7717 or by email.

Boys and Girls: Do Your Best with Pack 245!

Ridgeview’s Cub Scout Pack 245 is kicking off another fun year with its first ONLINE pack meeting of the year, Thursday, September 10th. This year’s events kick off with a front yard campsite challenge (win a prize!) and a teddy bear campout for grades K-2! Pack 245 welcomes boys AND girls, in grades K-5. Login identification codes and passwords for the first meeting will be announced soon. Interested families should email Cubmaster Heather Kohout at for more information.

Ridgeview Information

School Start Time: 7:39 a.m.

School Dismissal Time: 2:45 p.m. (2:15 every Wedensday)

K Lunch = 10:15-10:45

1st Lunch = 10:45-11:15

2nd Lunch = 11:15-11:45

3rd Lunch = 11:45-12:15

4th Lunch = 12:15-12:45

5th Lunch = 12:45-1:15