Chicago Bulls: A History


Benny the Bull

Benny the Bull is the mascot for the Chicago Bulls. He is not related to the region. In fact, while the founder of the Bulls, Dick Klien, was thinking up region related names,his son said,"that's a bunch of bull, dad" so that's where the bulls got there name and why there mascot isn't related to their region. They're nickname is the Bulls

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History of the Bulls

The bulls were established in 1966, just in time for the 1966-67 season. The founder of the Bulls is Dick Klien.

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The chicago Bulls play in the United Center. The United Airlines pays 1.8 million dollars year for naming rights. There has never been a shift in the naming rights.

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Team Info

The Chicago Bulls are a U.S. Team and play on the NBA. They are in Chicago Illinois and the latitude and longitude is 41° 52`52" N and 87°40`23" W. They are in the Great Lakes Region and speak English with a U.S. accent. This region has the great lakes in it. Plus, the great lakes Have 3500 islands in them. The gulf of St. Lawrence river is near. Some cool facts are that the Great lakes. Have. 21% of the world's. Freshwater. Also, Lake Superior is bigger than Scotland And South Carolina.

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