A Clean Well Lighted Place

Written by Dylan Jewell

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About The Story

Th story started off slow and began to get really interesting when the waiter started to complain about the old man and his drinking problem. The characters in this story went really well together and were able to portray a vivid story. The young waiter showed a lot of stubbornness and was really anxious to get home. The older waiter was very calm and relaxed while all the madness was going on. In the story he showed much gratitude for the old man and his addiction. The old man was very grumpy and seemed to have had a very bad day or his life was bad, all he wanted to do is drink and stay drunk. The story itself showed many aspects of life and how people tend to waste it away by drinking. For many readers out there in the world the younger class of people should read this story. I didn't think the story was that interesting but a many lessons can be learned from it.