Trip to Italy

By Silvia

The Road Trip

I will be driving from my house in Adel to the Omaha airport. I will leave from home the day before my plane will take off to Italy because the flight will depart at an early 10:00am. I will stay at a hotel 2 minutes away from the airport with free breakfast included. It will cost a total of $100 dollars. $69 for the hotel and $30 for gas and checking in my car for the week. The tickets of the airplane (roundtrip) is $1,450. Total of the Day: $1,550

Day #1

Hotel for the Week

The first day I will check into my hotel in Via Pio, Rome. It will cost $164 a night. Since my duration of time will be a week, it will cost $1,148 for the whole week. Total of the Hotel: $1,148.

Free Breakfasts are included.

Day #1

For the first day I will travel with a group to tour the catacombs. It will cost about $90 and will take up a large portion of my day. It starts at 2:15PM and can last up to 4 hours. I will take a taxi as my transportation to the groups meeting area and a bus (previously paid for) the rest of the way. The taxi will cost around $20. Lunch will be Pizza (of course) at Restaurante Joseph. Cost of dinner will be approximately $20. Total of the Day: $130.

Day #2

For the second day I will tour the Colosseum. It will cost $96 for the tour, and travel will add approximately $15. Lunch will be at Li Rioni, pasta probably. Total Cost of the Day: $111

Day #3

For the third (and final) day I will be touring the Vatican City. It is also referred to as the Holy City, which suits it well considering it is the home of only monks, priests, nuns and the Pope! I will be touring it by myself, but There will still be transportation costs and Lunch money. I will tour it for about 3 or 4 hours and have lunch at Bvleci, a great gelato shoppe near the Colosseum. Total Cost of the Day: $100. For the rest of the day, I will walk around the small stores and shop! :) $50

The Total

The total trip cost (of the three days) will add up to: $2,639!