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February 18

Retention Information

Retention letters will go home this week. We will send them home with children on Friday, February 23rd.

Here are the steps:
1.Complete information in the letter including the comments. This is a good place to note conference dates and whether or not the parents attended.

2. Make copies: one for the family, one for your file, and one for the office

3. Send the notice home with the interim.

4. Give the office copy to Mrs. Shivar.

Our next steps will be to provide another notice with the third nine-weeks' report cards on April 12th. That notice will be the second letter to those families still at risk for retention. Our final interim report will go home on May 8th with the last notice of retention prospects. I will meet with staff regarding their potential retentions and we will contact families and invite them to meet with us.

Spelling Bee

Folks, I have 13 names from 9 classrooms for our spelling bee participants on February 21 st at 9 am. I received names from B. Johnson, Baker, Krasa, Crawley, Smith, Rangel, Ingram, Griggs, Keilman. Our bee will be open to all children in grades 3-5 to come and watch.

Please make sure you have notified each winners family of their child's participation and invited them to the school-wide bee on Wednesday.

Great Big Thank YOU!

To our stellar Encore team who stepped in and saved the day on Friday when our staff absences lead to severe shortage of folks to cover classrooms and make sure all of our

TAs got a lunch!

Safety Reminders

Unfortunately we have been reminded that we need to be prepared for anything when it comes to safety. In order to ensure that we are aware of the procedures, we will be having a lock down drill on March 1st at 9:00. County Office personnel will be on campus to assist us in making sure we are doing what we can in order to maintain the safety for everyone. As we prepare for this, please make sure the students know what the process should be during a lock down.

Please remember that we should be logging in to Sielox everyday to click the all clear button. We will use Sielox in the event of a lockdown. Below are the directions on how to use Sielox. This is also the same information that is located in your flipbook. If you are having any issues at all please let Mrs. Stitz know as soon as possible so we can fix the issue. If you are going to be absent please make sure that your TAs know how to login to Sielox. Please also make sure that this information is in your sub folders.

In the event of a lockdown:

INTERCOM: “Students and staff, lockdown, lockdown, lockdown. Please lockdown immediately by taking appropriate actions.” This means there is an immediate threat to the school. This is a complete classroom and school lockdown.


  • Move all students, staff and identified visitors into the nearest classroom, office or secure room.
  • Lock all interior and exterior doors.
  • Turn off all lights.
  • Close blinds.
  • Cover window on door
  • Move students away from windows and doors.
  • Have students crouch down and remain quiet. Students who are physically unable to crouch down may use a low chair.
  • Students who use wheelchairs should remain in their wheelchairs. If a student is out of the wheelchair at the time of lockdown, efforts should be made to assist the student back into the wheelchair unless doing so jeopardizes safety.
  • Update status in Sielox
  • Utilize Red Card procedures. Place a red card in the door window or under the door and on the exterior window if emergency assistance is needed ASAP.
  • Moveable furniture can be used as a buffer between students and doors/windows.
  • Continuously monitor Sielox.
  • RED CARDS – Emergency Assistance is needed ASAP.
  • When NO CARD is displayed, emergency responders will assume that everything is okay. A LOCKDOWN SIGN must be posted at the main entrance of the school.
  • If the LOCKDOWN occurs during lunch or change of classes please assist to ensure the following takes place...Students in the cafeteria/commons area will be placed in the kitchen/storage area and the doors/curtains are to be closed. Students should be moved away from the windows.

  • Students who are outside will run to safety, DO NOT re-enter the building.

Class Change

Students should immediately be directed to the nearest classroom. Once the classroom has been secured, the teacher should record the names of all students in his or her room and update in Sielox.

COMMUNITY LOCKDOWN: “Students and staff, we are in a community lockdown.” All outside activities should cease and students/staff should move into the building. All exterior doors on campus are locked and movement from building to building is prohibited.

ALL CLEAR: The lockdown is over and the normal school activities are resumed. A mandatory staff meeting will be held at the close of the school day after a lockdown situation. A staff meeting after a Community lockdown incident will be at the principal’s discretion.

Big picture

Fire Drills/Evacuation Reminders:

1. All students and staff will evacuate the building following evacuation routes.

2. Close all windows and unlocked doors to classrooms and turn off the lights when leaving the room. Teacher will take their class rosters and ‘Grab and Go’ bags with them. Teacher will leave the room last, having designated a student helper or TA to lead the way.

3. Teachers with classrooms next to a restroom or other vacant room will check the room to be sure that everyone evacuates the building.

4. The Principal or designee will make sure the occupants are evacuated at least 500 feet from the structure and out of the way of any emergency personnel.

5. The teachers will signal the custodian if someone is missing, the teacher will signal that by holding up the red card. This would be used during events where students have gone to the library, are with the nurse, where out of the room to use the restroom, etc.

Upcoming events:

February 19: ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Testing- Kindergarten & 5th grade in the front office (Stitz & Walsh are testing)

February 20: ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Testing- 1st, 2nd & 4th grade in the front office (Stitz & Walsh are testing), 5th Grade to Planetarium, CiCi's pizza night

February 21: School Level Spelling Bee in MPR at 9am, ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 make up testing, Committee meetings after school as needed. PTO Meeting 3:30pm

February 21-23: Castle, Keilman, Tootle, Allen at Leader in Me Symposium

February 22-23: Watson the Whale, Stitz gone to Data Teams training at BCE

February 23: NC Art Museum, Morgan, Carter, B. Johnson

February 27: Castle gone to digital Leaders

February 28: Castle at Principal's meeting and Workshop Wednesday Staff Meeting

March 1: Lockdown drill 9:00, Stitz gone in the afternoon for an AP meeting

March 7: 4th grade field trip to WOHS for NC Symphony

March 9: 2nd grade field trip to NSHS Sleeping Beauty