Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercises

What is the difference ?

What is Aerobic Exercise?

  • It is a physical exercise of low to high intensity that depends primarily on the aerobic energy-generating process.
  • This type of exercise requires energy.
  • It is also known as cardio.
  • Some of the exercises are: Running, Swimming, Walking, HIking, Dancing, Cross Country, etc.

What is Anaerobic Exercise?

  • Anaerobic means without oxygen
  • It consists of brief intense bursts of physical activity.
  • Oxygen is demanded for surpassing oxygen supply.
  • Some of the exercises are: weightlifting, and sprints.

So, What is the Difference ?

The difference comes down to the oxygen. With aerobic exercise oxygen is carried through your breath to the muscles giving them the energy needed to sustain the effort. Oxygen is not present with anaerobic exercise.