March 2017 Newsletter

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Thurston Updates

U of M visit

On May 18, 2017, Thurston scholars will travel to the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor for a campus tour and presentation on what it takes to get into U of M.

We hope to cross paths with several Thurston alumni who are attending or have recently graduated from U of M: Nigel Charlston, Esti Gajda, Greg Meyer, Anthony Mufarreh, Melissa McCurry, Paiton Podojil, Lia Payne, Lexii Ialungo, and Joe Oliver. The U of M pipeline will continue next year with current seniors Zach Lassen, Katie Rozmys, and Maria Rozmys.

"Practice" Honors Dinner

On March 30th, several Eagle Scholars convened at Buffalo Wild Wings in Livonia to celebrate their semester one 3.5 (or better) GPA. Students spent some time planning their speech for the Senior Honors dinner, which is hosted at Western Golf and Country Club each year. Here, students will deliver a speech in front of the Board of Education, Superintendent Galdes, their parents, and a teacher who has had a big impact on their life. Some of the awesome staff who were mentioned as potential invitees: Mr. Bzovi, Ms. Trost, Ms. Hereau, Ms. Kus, Ms. McGuire, Ms. Vermiglio, Mr. Madigan, Ms. Thomas and Ms. Ponder.

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Pierce Updates

Coming Soon: Eagle Scholars Program Leadership Team

We are establishing an Eagle Scholars Program Leadership Team at Pierce Middle School. The Leadership Team will assist Mr. Parsons in developing the community of scholars in the building and help shape its identity. Students on the team will do things ranging from planning community service events to designing Scholar spirit wear, and everything in between. Mr. Parsons is seeking two students from 6th grade and 7th grade to join the team, as their terms will begin in September of 2017. Below is a link to the application form, all applications must be received by April 14, 2017!

U of M, Here we come

On April 10, 2017 our 6th grade scholars will travel to the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor to attend the closing ceremony of the "Place Out of Time" simulation they have been working on in their Social Studies classes. This simulation is run with different schools throughout the state of Michigan in conjunction with University of Michigan students acting as mentors and moderators. "Place Out of Time" teaches students how to analyze situations and think critically. In this simulation students must assume the identity of a historical character either real or fictional and respond to different topics and ideas. Students participating in the simulation have taken on characters like Severus Snape, Ghandi, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Scholars Got Talent!

March 15, 2017 saw the 10th annual Pierce has Got Talent competition! While we wish congratulations to all students who performed, our scholars stole the show! Tying for 1st place was Maya Cooke-8th grade, who played piano and sang a song by 21 Pilots. Coming in 2nd place was Jenacy Cardwell-6th grade, who sang "How Far I'll Go" from Disney's Moana, as well as played the piano!

Just Reward

Exemplary citizenship is a component of being an Eagle Scholar and on March 31, 2017 all students who have been good citizens had the chance to have a free hour of school. Our scholars routinely get to enjoy this privilege. Activities range form playing basketball in the gym, dancing in the cafeteria, or playing Foosball. Congratulations scholars on a great 3rd card marking, you've earned your reward!

Study Tips (revisited)

While I know you are probably aware of all of these tips, I figured it couldn't hurt to share them; these all come from my own independent research, experience as a teacher, university instructor, and student. To dig a bit deeper, check out the book Making it Stick.

  1. Make sure your child has a quiet, peaceful place to study Sunday through Thursday.
  2. Encourage your child to study in 25-30 minute increments broken up by 5 - 10 minute breaks.
  3. If possible, make sure your child's phone is turned off and in another room.
  4. Have your child complete "off-line" homework, then online homework.
  5. If possible, have your child study at a desk, free of clutter, with a desk lamp.
  6. If your child prefers to study with music, make sure the music is instrumental. Some background here. While students often say "It helps me concentrate," they are often fooling themselves.
  7. If possible, make sure your child is not in front of any screens one hour before bedtime.

Requirement Reminder


  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA in core classes
  • Display exemplary citizenship
  • Complete minimum of 5 hours of community service per academic year


  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • Participate in at least one extracurricular activity beginning 10th grade
  • Take five AP courses (one of which must be AP Lang & Comp)
  • Apply to at least four 4-year institutions
  • Complete a capstone project

Academic Support


Weekly Study Session

  • Wednesday in the Media Center 3:15-4:15 pm

Homework Clinic

  • Monday - Friday, 7:50-8:20 am

  • Mondays and Thursdays, 3:15-4:10 pm


Weekly Study Session

  • Thursdays in the Media Center, 2:45-3:45 pm

After school tutoring

  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays in Room 505, ` 2:45 - 3:45 pm

Advisory (Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 10:33 - 11:17)

  • Silent study time on Mondays, travel to your teachers in the classes in which you are struggling on Wednesdays and Fridays)

Pierce and Thurston

Schedule an appointment with Mr. Parsons or Mr. Hughes

  • Make an appointment at this web address:

  • Mr. Parsons is an alumnus of the program-class of 2012; he’s been in your shoes and he wants to help! He can help with homework, study skills, organization, etc.

Online Resources for Academic Support

  • Quizlet: Flash card website with content from every class and level on the academic spectrum

  • Khan Academy: Free educational videos covering a wide variety of math and science concepts from grade K-12

  • Free educational videos and tutorials for students struggling with every subject between grades 6-12.

  • GoConqr: Social media site created for students to connect with other students working on similar topics, and to help each other study and provide tips.

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