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Disability Care

The Church has a long history of the care of the sick, with many of her Religious Orders being established to carry out this fundamental response to the Gospel. The Church continues to be involved even in the most complex areas of health care. The Church is also at the forefront of the modern need to care for the aged and in hospice care for the terminally ill. The Church devotes resources and talents to understanding and promoting the ethical principles that should guide the complexity of modern medical science and technology. These services are made available on request to individuals, ethics committees, and parliaments faced with legislative dilemmas.

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The purpose of the Church is to teach the Gospel that Jesus revealed to the Apostles, and to pass on the presence of the living Christ through the sacraments. For this reason, the Church is deeply involved in primary, secondary and tertiary education as well as the on-going education and formation of adults. The essence of the Church's approach is that education should embrace the whole human person, meeting the intellectual and social needs of the time, and developing the moral and spiritual characteristics that are the true foundation of life on earth and the guide to eternal life. The life of humanity is expressed in relationships, and the primary relationship is with God. Without this relationship, all else is impoverished.