Knife Safety

Everything you need to know to use a knife safely!

Knifes are a very useful tool in the kitchen!

Yes, we all know that knifes are one of the most essential tools to use in the kitchen. But they're are some rules you need to follow to keep not only you, but others safe from cross contamination and getting cut.

Keep your knifes sharpened!

The sharper the knife the better! With a sharp knife its easier to cut things. The less force the better. If you use a dull knife you put more pressure and when you put more pressure on a knife, you're more likely to slip and cut yourself! Its easier, cheaper and safer to sharpen a knife with a sharpening stone or a knife sharpener.

Avoid cross contamination

Always wash your hands and clean the knife before cutting something else with the same knife. Especially if cutting meat. No one wants E. coli. A proper clean is to wash, rinse and sanitize.

Tell others you're using a knife!

Always important to tell others you are using a knife. You don't want to accidentally hurt someone by not being cautious. Also tell people when you are walking with a knife so they don't bump into you.
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Chef Dave Prows Talks About Knife Safety

Asking a professional.

I asked a cook at Pizza Shoppe what it takes to keep the knife clean and the food healthy and he said "well the first thing you want to do is make sure you wash it after every use, and wash your hands."

I asked him how he uses a knife in the kitchen and he said "Well, the first thing you want to do is tell your co-workers that you are using one. Then when cutting anything keep your fingers in and knuckles out!"

I asked him what are steps to keeping cross contamination away? he said "Wash your hand frequently and make sure the knifes are clean before you use them to cut food."

Then I asked what are some easy mistakes that people do? he said "They use the knife for other things before washing it, they think wiping it off does the trick but it doesn't"

Finally I asked him why is cross contamination a big deal? he said "Well you could mix raw meat with lettuce and people eat straight up lettuce for our salads, people could get food born illness."