Dans Term Three's Goals


literacy Goals:

Previous goal: In term 2 I made goals for me to achieve. My literacy goal was to get at least a stainine 7 in my maths P.A.T but we do that at end of this year. I got a mark of 80% in my reading probe and am working at the stage of a 14-15 year old. This is a good goal to try to achieve but I'm still on the right track I think to achieving my literacy goal.

Maths Goals:

previous goal:My term 2 goal for maths was to be able to understand bar/steman leaf graphs in my maths statistics.

I am going to keep up the work during school and after school at kipMcgrath. I think I'm well on the way to achieving my maths goal.

Fitness Goals:

Old goal:To get higher than 10.5 in the beep test.

New goal to reach 11 in the beep test and Im going to to that by trying and to be more active everyday.

A.2.A Goals:

To be more involved with sports and competitions. Like school sports and different challenges. Like library and team challenges.