Erle canal

by mebrak


the inventor was it dowitt Clinton


Erie Canal

  1. historic waterway of the united states connecting in the great lakes with York city via the Hudson river at Albany .
  2. beginning in the 1700s various plans were proposed to improve navigation the monawk river .
  3. the western inland lock navigation company and , which found itself shorl of funds and snaried is state partisa politics never completed it is plans
  4. in 1820 the state of new York purchased the com pany's works , closing the book on the 18th -century canal scheme
  5. meanwhile a new canal project had been gaining momentum


it was invented year is in the 1817-1825


describe a route it is in to atiantic ocean and Hudson river and erie canal

erie dig

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why I was invented is to connect the atlanic ocean and the great lakes


  1. how I can define it the life will be so hard because now we have cars and lqanes
The Erie Canal