A Letter from your RA

Welcome Back!

Yay Winter Quarter!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing winter break. Now we're back and hopefully ready to get back into school mode!

Some of us have new flat-mates this quarter! Lets give them a warm welcome to the A-Building Team! I'll be coming around with new name tags and perhaps some goodies this weekend too.

Down below are some upcoming events and reminders. Please take a look at them.

~ Reminders ~

Apartment Agreements

I encourage that you have another apartment meeting to go over what was good or needs improvement. And, if you have a new flat-mate, include them in the conversation as well.

Lets start 2014 fresh and start over with a clean apartment, new guidelines and a clean slate. If there were problems last quarter, bring them up in a friendly, encouraging way to improve the living conditions of your homes.

This is not mandatory but I highly encourage it. I'll pass out apartment agreement forms and new cleaning schedules soon.

Also, although it is not required, if you shoot me an email, I would gladly come mediate your meeting and be the neutral third party.

HCTV (Hall Council TV Event)

Thursday, Jan. 9th, 7:30pm

Community Center

There will be popcorn and a hot cocoa station (with fun toppings!). And at 8:00 we'll watch Community together. Bring your roomies!

Sunday Night Dinner at Local Point

Sunday, Jan. 12th, 7pm

Local Point in Lander Hall - Meet in the Community Center at 7 to walk over together

Local Point is doing a special Sunday Dinner series of hearty meals and soul food. Lets go check out Local Point together (if you havent' gotten a chance yet) with our buddies in Stevens Court K Building.

Other Events

Ender's Game - Movie Night by RHSA
  • Saturday Jan. 11th at 8:00PM
  • At Alder Hall Commons Auditorium

Stevens Court Trivia Night!

  • Wednesday Jan. 7th at 7:00PM
  • In the Stevens Court Community Center

Foodie Fridays

  • Every Friday at 9:00PM
  • In the Community Center

HCTV (Hall Council TV)

  • every Thursday at 8:00PM
  • In the Community Center

*look for the Monthly Calendar for more events. Soon to come!

~ Important Information! ~

Winter Quarter Safety

Its getting dark outside earlier so take some precautions!

  1. Walk with a Buddy: walk with large groups
  2. Husky Night Ride (shuttle) : 206-685-3146
  3. Husky Night Walk: 206.685.WALK (9255)
  4. UWPD Non-Emergency Number: 206.685.UWPD (8973)

*more information on the "Read It Before You Need It" brochures

Your RA

My name is Heidi and I am the RA for Stevens Court A Building. My major is Political Science - International Security with a minor in Law Societies and Justice.

My role as an RA is to answer any questions you might have about living on campus, as well as provide you with resources you might need to succeed. I also handle any issues that may come up while you live with us, such as room-mate disagreements to suspicious activities at or around Stevens Court. I work with other RAs to put on fun events for our residents.

For issues that come up during the hours of 5pm - 8am, you can call the RA on Duty @ 206 543 1000 (select Stevens Court).

Other issues can be reported to our Residential Life Office in K 109 during the hours of 1pm- 6pm Monday to Friday.

You can also call or text or email me (information below).