Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

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Plastic bags

Plastic bags are not biodegradable and it takes a long time to handed wasted plastic bag maybe more than a hundred years and handling with wasted plastic bags more cause more pollution to our green environment.

How To Contribute?

It's very simply. When you are out shopping for groceries, remember to bring a biodegradable re-cycle bag instead of asking for plastic bags.

Biodegradable re-cycle bags are not easy to tear and durable, unlike plastic bags, that are easy to tear and not very durable.

If you did this....

  • Reduce----------Reduce the wastage of plastic bags by using biodegradable re-cycle bags instead of plastic bags.
  • Reuse------------Instead of throwing used things, you can make art-crafts out of them.
  • Recycle----------Instead of throwing unwanted paper, cans and bottles, into rubbish-bins,throw them into recycle bins so that they can be renewed.
Thank you for contributing to our environment if you did all this!

Name, School, Class

Name: Chiam Jing Ru

School: Xingnan Primary School

Class: 6A