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Why Virginia?

The Virginia Colony was created in 1607 by the London Company and became a royal colony in 1624. Jamestown was founded to gain wealth and spread Christianity among the Native Americans. Virginia was the first permanent English settlement in the New World. England profited from the production of tobacco, which was successful because of the fertile lands. Virginia, mountainous but also coastal, is located on the Atlantic/Eastern coast of North America and is considered one of the southern colonies. The weather here is very nice. Winters aren't too harsh and the warm summers allow for a huge amount of agricultural production.

More about us

Virginia has no primary religion and there is plenty of religious freedom. We focus primarily on agriculture and export a variety of goods like tobacco, cotton, corn, fruit, grain, vegetables, and also livestock. Our colony is the hometown of multiple founding fathers, including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Come on down to Virginia for a nice, comfortable climate, a strong and reliable economy, and a colony with fascinating history and great importance!