George Washington Carver

By Saul Lopez-Palafox

George's Life

George Washington Carver Was born and in Diamond Grove in 1860. He was born a slave a overcame that to become on of the most respected scientists in the United states. He passed Away on January 5,1943. Although the exact date of his birth day is unknown he became a scientist in January 1864. George became very famous because of his great inventions. As an adult he was so busy he forgot to shower rest and some times even eat! This man said very powerful and important things such as How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these. ”“when you do the common things in life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world''.

More About Mr.George

Mr.George Washington Carver

This man was the creator of peanut-butter and over four-hundred plant products to help every one in their every say needs. He invented many things that we humans need and use every day such as, shampoo,soap,soybeans,Chile souse,buttermilk,coffee,bleach,shoe polish,paper,plastic and metal. As a child he was known as the plant doctor. George Washington went to collage until he was 30 and studied in Alabama.

Cool Stuff And Fun Facts

  • George left his home at the age of 12 to seek an education and by 1890 he was studying music and art in Simpson collage.
  • George found many good ways to use ripe sweet potatoes 73 dyes, 17 wood fillers, 14 candies, five library pastes, five breakfast foods, four starches, four flours and three types of molasses being some of them.
  • Many people believed that George Washington Carver helped the economy in the south by finding so many uses for the peanut and his great farming methods.
  • During World War 2 Carver invented 500 different shades of textile dye to replace ones unavailable ones form Europe.
  • George was raised by farmers and with his experience he became known as the plant doctor.
More About George Washington Carver

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