Genaral Ulysses s. grant

by: Hunter Stiles

Genaral Grant

Genaral Ulysses s. Grant was Abraham lincon's main genral he counted on Grant for many of the battles in the civil war and Grant was extremely determined and never gave up. Lilncon trusted him for many of the turning points for the civil war.

Grant's presidentsie

In 1869 threw 1872 Grant served as a president Grant fought for civil rights and the collapse of the KKK he tried to eliminate the KKK by making the enforcement acts which granted the president the right to use the army for certain civil acts and acts of crime. He also created the "peace policy" which made Indian entrepuneurs serve as missionaries.

WHY AND IMPACT OF GRANT. The reason Grant became president was because Grant was a great guy who belvied in equal rights and Abraham Linlcon helped Grant get elected because Abraham trusted Grant with his life and his battle decsions Grant was a great leader and his impact to America was that he helped establaish equal rights and made our country better and made our country into what it is today.