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Week of December 5, 2016

Our Kindness Cup Overflows!!

Wonders never cease to amaze me! When we embarked on the Kindness Project at Avoca West this winter, none of us "at the helm" had any idea the outpouring of generosity that would come from our families. A huge thanks to our Helping Hands kiddos, Mrs. Karen Azar, and all of the many parents, families, and staff members who rallied behind this worthy event. The folks at Journeys will be thrilled to receive and to dole out the carfuls that will be dropped of by them at the end of this week. If you have donations you'd still like to bring in, we'll be happy to make sure it gets to the right place!

Thank you for continuing to encourage a spirit of mindfulness towards others for our children!

Visible Learning at Avoca West

One of the many (many!) things we're working on this year at Avoca West is how we can best equip our students to show their best. Much has been written about how we can encourage a growth mindset in our students, how to help them develop "grit," but few resources help to explain why this helps students now and in the future. Many thanks to Mrs. Diane Bilcer, one of our staff members, for finding and sharing this video resource with our intermediate students and staff members. I thought I'd share it with you, as it may be helpful in giving some language to use with your children -- especially when the going gets tough!

The video comes from a different school district, though I think you'll find it applies to success in life anywhere! Enjoy!

Grit: The Key to Your Success at FLVS

Upcoming Dates to Note

12/8 - 6:00pm - Orchestra Performance at Avoca West

12/9 - 5th Grade Wax Museum in afternoons

12/15 - 6:30pm - Board of Education Meeting


* Don't forget that we don't return until TUESDAY, January 3rd

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Don't forget to stop by the Avoca PTC website for updated information and dates to put on your calendar as well. There are many exciting events going on -- including our Spirit Wear sales!!

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