The Internet Can Be a Bad Place

By Logan Smith, Hour 2

How to prevent cyber bullying

People aren't very nice over the internet because they don't think they can get caught. But they can, people just have to speak up and stand out for people to notice. If you see cyber bullying speak up.

The outcome of cyber bullying

In the end the bully might feel good about it but the victim may feel sad, depressed, or may even want to cut or even kill themselves. And then how does the bully feel, they might feel bad or they might not care. but if you care then they might be able to get help before anything permanent happens

Bullying needs to be stopped

Why people bully others

Bullies bully because they may come from a bad home life or they are lower than others and they don't want to be bullied so they make the first move so they don't end up like the other people. They might not like to bully others but they do it anyways. They could change they just need some help to go in the right direction.