LIS News Update

March 4, 2018

Reading increase your professional toolkit

Enjoy these tidbits of advice from around the web.

Why you should start some goals in the middle Focus: Strategy

Instead, do away with setting the concrete results you want in the beginning. “You can be committed to a certain amount of effort, working on something full time, with a set number of hours, but you don’t have a clear conception of the outcome until a lot later,” says Young. “A few months in, you see what it’s like, and you can set a reasonable goal. It often emerges halfway through.”

Create change-ready culture Focus: Leading People to Shared Visions

  1. Assess for Current Change Awareness
  2. Staff Agility for Pending Change
  3. Rapid Change for Crisis Response
  4. Well Defined Mechanism for Change

The essential library experience Focus: Customer-Centric

Cordelia Anderson, Director of Marketing: Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

"Since the recession, library usage continues to trend upward. We know the library is important to people, but what we want to be is essential to the community.”

What I'm Reading

Dare Not Linger, the Presidential Years Nelson Mandela

ARC: Jar of Hearts, by Jennifer Hillier, (SO good...thanks, Kaite)


Wednesday, April 11th 2018 at 1:30pm

Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center

  • Best practices with BiblioCommons catalog tools
  • A panel discussion on cultivating a community of readers, featuring Readers Services Librarians
  • Small group discussions focused on specific online RA tools, and easy-to-implement ideas

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