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Gatsby's work ethics have completely changed when he started to chase his dream. In some ways his work ethics may have improved and he may be working harder then ever before. But in some instances he may be working way to hard and making some very risky choices and dangerous ones. The other people have done the same and they are literally working themselves to death and having such poor judgment.

In Inside Job these people have already worked hard and they have achieved their goal and are now just living it out keeping that perfect image that they have created and their perfect like. Their work ethic has gone down and is decreasing causing a lack of interest in their work and causing poor choices to be made hurting the other people around them. They have lost the self control to make them continue to have good work ethics and still care about their job and help their company thrive.

In Greed is Good he is telling the people to work harder and get their money back and be greedy, it will help every one. He is saying that their work ethics are not quite right either and they have lost their self control to go after the things that they want fixed and corrected. They need to fix these things.

In The Oath Steve loses control almost on day one and over works himself almost instantly and makes the worst choices ever. His working constantly severely hurts his health and his judgment and choices. He practically goes off the deep end.

In High School Confidential the teens are working to hard in the wrong places and they are not focusing on what they should be focused on. It's not that they are working wrong but they are putting their focus in the wrong places causing them to make poor choices.