Marie Curie

An Incredible Woman Scientist

A Hero for all TIme

  • Born on November 7th, 1867.
  • Hero for all Time.
  • Made great and critical contributions to science.
  • Discovered radium and polonium.
  • Coined the term radiation.
  • Had perseverance, adaptability, hope.


  • Perseverance important to her.
  • Rough childhood.
  • Poor family, couldn’t get woman education.
  • Persevered and saved money for education.
  • Ended up going to France at Sorbonne University.


  • Hope was essential to Curie’s success.
  • Depended on this trait a lot.
  • After husband’s death.
  • After alleged scandal.
  • Did not break down and hoped for the best.


  • Adaptability was most important to her.
  • Constantly moved for studies.
  • Went to several odd locations to take university courses.
  • Was so devoted to learning that she adapted to everywhere she went in a matter of days.


In cessation, Marie Curie was an incredible scientist. Using adaptability, hope, as well as perseverance, Curie turned out to be very successful and renowned.