JK Rowling Author

By Blake Batten

Time Line of Events

Birth date: 1965 July 31

First Marriage: 1992 (date unknown) married to Portuguese Television journalist

First daughter and Divorice: 1993 gave birth to Jessica, moves to Scotland

*Note During these periods of the book publishing the movies were being released as well

1st book (Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone): 1997

2nd Book Published: 1998 (Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets)

3rd book Publlished #1 bestseller: 1999 (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

4th Book Published; Prints in US as well as Britain: 2000 ( Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)

Second Marriage: 2001 Married to Neil Murray, in a privite ceremony.

5th book Published makes it Amazon's #1 bestseller for 5 months before publishing date: 2003 (Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix

6th book Published: 2005 (Harry Potter and the Half blood prince)

7th book Published: 2007 ( Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)

Why is JK Rowling Special?

She is quite special actually. She has the imagination of a child and that has led her and her many devoted fans on a jouney from Privet Drive to Hogwarts. By doing this she has turned on a generation of readers, all wanting more and more. She has broken several, more than several records because of her books, and has won so many awards that she has backed out of many contests. That way other authors would have a chance. JK Rowling, has traveled all over the world doing many different jobs, so she is experienced in many things. She also went through a short marriage that led to her first child and first divorce. JK pulled herself out of an economic "ditch", while raising a child (being a single mother is hard enough). She has appeared in many interviews, TV shows like The Simpsons, been a script writer, casting director, and an important consultant for Harry Potter's Wizarding World in Orlando, Florida in Universal Studios. Also she has created a online experience that immerses you in Harry Potter's world and makes you part of it. Despite all of this she has gone through many tragedies as well as successes. The loss of her mother to cancer for example. How can a person who has done so much, experienced a lifetime of memories and create a world that is more magical than our wildest dreams NOT be special?

Some other Pictures that invovle JK Rowling...

What effects has JK Rowling made on the world?

JK Rowling, as I said before turned a whole generation of kids onto reading! She has opened up a new type of fantasy fiction. She has inspired soon to be writers, readers, and moviemakers everywhere. JK has created a world where kids can become a wizard. JK has been accused by many of promoting witchcraft and evil, when in fact the books promote love, sacrifice, all kind of virtues, and how good always triumphs over evil. She contibutes to charities all over the world, probably because of her past experiences. Then most of all, she has effected the world by staying a normal, humble, creative person.
Need to Know: JK Rowling

JK Adjectives




4.Good Student


6. Stubborn

These qualities illustrate the keys to JK's success. She was shy enough to never ask for a pencil, so she could just sit and think of a plotline. She is quiet, and she thinks before she talks, which gave her an iiimense vocabulary. JK followed her role model, Jessica Mitford who was very independent. JK grew up wanting to be just like her. JK kept her grades high so she could be anything in life. She is kind, contributing to charities, and believes in philanthropy. She is stubborn, never giving up her dream of becoming a writer.

JK's Obstacles

Some of the events that shaped JK Rowling's life the illness and death of her mother. It caused JK great pain, and she had to create a double life; one where she was the head of the family, and cool, calm and collected; the other where she was emotional, and always crying, and writing her book in secret. The book became her therapy. Another obstacle was her first marriage that ended in divorce, leading to her being a single mother. Because this affected her finances, she felt guilty that she was not able to give Jessica many material things. When she was able to publish the book, she became welthier that in her wildest dreams.


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